Friday, March 27, 2009

A miracle

A miracle DID happen!

As you know, we had a rough winter, and that's putting it mildly. Joe was diagnosed with a genetic Kidney Disease that he will have for the rest of his life. He was hospitalized shortly for this. Then, when he was discharged, our insurance refused to pay any of his medical bills. They said it was a pre-existing condition. Well, yeah, anything genetic is pre-existing, but we didn't know that he had this condition.

Joe's energy and strength dropped dramatically. We don't know if it was the recovery or the pills, but he was not himself.

To make matters worse, his business dropped off the face of the planet. He had months with no phone calls. This is a business that was employing Joe and two other men this last summer. Because of this lack of work, we barely made our bills each month. And we wouldn't have even made that if it wasn't for some of you (thanks).

All these things added up to depression for Joe. Can you blame the poor guy? So, Joe wanted to move closer to family in El Paso. He figured he could get a job out there. He figured we could live cheaper out there. He figured that we could use his family to help with the boys, as it was REAL hard for me to do all by myself.

We had put our house up for sale, again. I had applied for teaching jobs in Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. If anyone asked if we were staying, I told them, "I would love to, but it would take a miracle". Well, the miracles happened.

1. The insurance agreed to cover Joe. They have paid over $10,000 of his medical bills so far.

2. Joe got a job delivering ice. I know, not a glamorous job, but a paycheck none-the-less.

3. Joe's business is back in full swing. He has 11 jobs on the board. If anything, he is getting stressed out that he can't keep up.

4. Joe's energy and strength are back. He is on new pills, and that could be the reason, but I believe it's an answer to prayer. And the funny thing is, now I realize that his business had to drop off this winter while he was sick. There would have been no way that he could have worked. He was too weak. So, just when he got his energy back, his business picked up.

5. And the biggest miracle of all.......... I have been offered a promotion. In a time when school districts are laying off teachers, I have been given an amazing opportunity. Actually two opportunities, but one is not public knowledge yet, and some of you are local, so we will save that for another post. But, this one promotion will pay an additional $8,000/year. That breaks down to $666/month. This is EXACTLY, to the dollar amount, what we were short every month to meet our bills. To the dollar! So, with Joe working, we can put that money back into savings (which is down to 2 cents! Talk about cutting it close!).

I had asked God to give us an answer before Spring Break was up so that I could go back into the office and give them an answer. God is so good.

*so ladies, that means I'll be around to do spa's this summer. Let me know if you want another party, I have new stuff.

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