Friday, March 27, 2009

I hate cheap diapers!

I hate cheap diapers! I am a LUVS mom, through and through. The only problem is, our local Wal-Mart has not been stocked with them lately. I do like Pampers, but they are so spendy. And I don't like the looks of Huggies. I know, I know, anal. (ha ha, that's kinda funny). I just don't like the way they stack in a basket. As if my diaper basket is all the rage and the envy of all my neighbors. Ha, I'm on a roll today.

Anyways, so I opted for the cheap-o cheap-o to get us through. I figured, if Josh can wear the cheapies during the day, and then Jack's LUVS at night, we'll be good. I HATE cheap diapers! We have been doing pretty good and we are almost out of the cheapies and ready to go back for the good LUVS. Then last night happened.

Josh told me he had poo-poo. He is very good at this. I wish his brother was more like him in this department. As I opened his pajamas (they are still wearing footsies as it is COOOOOOOOOOOLD here at night). The diaper must have come loose, because it was at the bottom by his foot. And the poo-poo was everywhere. Everywhere. Even in his toes. I finally had to give him a shower.

I HATE cheap diapers!

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