Tuesday, February 10, 2009

School Days

The boys are sleeping, the cookies are cooling, and the soup is simmering. As I sit here on my snow day, I am reflecting on the types of school days I have had in my life.

In high school, they were smog days. Do you remember those? It would be too smoggy and they wouldn't let the kids go outside. We also had heat days. CA would have rolling blackouts (no electricity) and if the school knew we would have no electricity, they wouldn't make us come to school because we would have no AC.

Then when I was teaching in Madera (central CA), we had fog days. The fog would be so bad that it wasn't safe to drive. Some days the fog stayed around so long, the kids never came to school. Those were nice days.

Here, we have snow days. We already have about 14 inches (hard to tell because of the drifts) and it just keeps coming.

If we move to Las Cruces/El Paso, what kind of days will I have? Sand days? Hmmm. One thing is for sure, I am enjoying my snow day.

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