Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life as usual

Just wanted to give a little update. Life is carrying on as usual. I work here and there with a few snow days thrown in. I really don't mind. I have started to "homeschool" Jack in preschool studies. He has been begging to learn, so how could I deny him? Funny thing is, Joshie is right there with him and is picking it up too. I have to videotape Joshie singing the ABC's. too cute. Joe's business fell off the face of the planet, but so have other businesses up here, so we don't feel so bad. He has worked for ReddyIce a few days here and there. Mostly, he stays home with the boys and is Mr. Mom (I don't mind that either).

Joshie turns 2 next week so we will be heading up to Flagstaff tomorrow to have a little party for him with my mom. Nothing fancy, but at 2, does it matter? Honestly, his idea of the happiest place on earth is McDonald's. So, Playland, here we come!

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