Sunday, February 15, 2009

The BEST Neighbors

As you know, we have been hit by a big snowstorm. In fact, we had our 4th Snow Day on Tuesday. I think the snow brings out the true character of people. Let me tell you about our most awesome, amazing neighbors.

First, Joe went over to our neighbors, Lou and Cheryl. They have a plow attachment to their riding lawnmower. Joe plowed their driveway and they said that he could borrow it for our house. See the pic of him riding the plow.

While he was plowing the driveway, Harvey walked up and started to snow blow the driveway, without even a word spoken. Harvey will walk down the street in a snow storm and blow the neighbors driveways. Never asking for anything in return. See the pic of Harvey blowing our walkway.

When the driveway was done, Randy walked up and asked Joe if we needed more wood. I posted earlier in the season that we had downed some trees and collected our own wood (saved us a TON of money and was FUN too!). But, Joe started to get sick in October and wasn't able to get quite enough for the entire winter. Randy noticed our dwindling wood pile and invited Joe over to his land to collect what he needed a few weeks ago. Joe didn't want to take advantage, so he only took 3/4 cord. We did run out last week to the point where Joe was cannibalizing his workbench and we were burning 2x4's. Randy noticed this too and was offering more wood to us. So sweet.

I don't have a picture of Deborah, but she is such a sweet neighbor too. When I had the flu last weekend, she brought over homemade chicken soup. I love our neighbors and will be sad if and when we move.

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