Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Blessings

As I have said previously, God has been blessing our socks off! They are always random and they are not necessarily monetary. Since they are random, I wanted to randomly post some of them here to share with you.

Background: I have ALWAYS wanted an entertainment center to house the TV, VCR, DVD, stereo, etc. ALWAYS. But those things are expensive. Even in our better times we could never have afforded one.

We have our house listed for sale. We need to move to a city that has a Kidney specialist and we need to be closer to family. It's just too much to go it alone. Although my family would love to have us live closer, I can't stand LA longer than 3 days at a time. Is it the smog? Is it the traffic? Is it the concrete everywhere? (BTW, when I was little, I thought the entire world was covered with concrete/cement and people just cut holes in the cement to put in a tree). Back to the story. Our house is for sale. Our agent was talking with Joe and asked for his help. The agent has another house listed just a block away, but it is going to go to Foreclosure. The lady has moved on to CA and left behind some items. She told Ricci (the agent) that he could have whatever he wanted out of the house. But he needed Joe's muscles and truck to load up the washer and dryer and oven. Ricci was selling these items to another person. While in the home, Joe noticed some other furniture that the lady had left behind. Joe asked what Ricci was going to do with those things. Ricci said we could have whatever we wanted. What was there? A big, brand new-looking entertainment center. Huge. We brought it home and put our TV, VCR, DVD, stereo, books, DVD's, and videos in it and it still looks empty. Cost: nada. We also got a nice new-looking futon and other random things we will sell at the yard sale. Thank you Lord.
(BTW, the pic was taken about 5 minutes after we set it up. It doesn't take them long, does it? Luckily they haven't done that since)

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