Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One of my favorite websites

So, if you read my post about 25 random things, you saw that I LOVE to save money. To the point that it's a game for me. I found this wonderful website that does many good things.
1. You can get free samples in the mail. I have gotten everything from shampoo, to coffee, to vitamins, etc.
2. You can get coupons. Most coupons are about $1 or $2 but some are $5 or more. Plus, some stores double coupons.
3. You can play sweepstakes. I have won a gas card to Chevron and free Dr. Pepper (is there anything better?).
4. You can get advice and tips on how to stretch your budget. Face it, we can all shave a few bucks here and there.
What's this website, you ask? www.Freebies4Mom.com I have signed up for the emails so that everyday I see what she has added. She adds stuff everyday. I don't have time to click on everything, but I scan the site for what I need or want and just click on those things. EnJOY!

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